a.Executive Committee

1. Hafiz Dauda Dabeil                 :President
2. Alfreh Belinda                          :Vice President
3. Antoinette Ankutse                 :Secretary
4. Justice Opoku                          :Financial Secretary
5. Edmund Danquah                    :Treasurer
6. Ebenezer Addo                        :Public Relations Officer
7. Addai Frimpong                        :Member
8. Agyen Frimpong                       :Organiser
9. Victoria Amoah                         :Member

b. Steering Committee

1. Jacob. B Ntim Adjei           : Chairman
2. Addai Kwaku                    :Vice Chairman
3. Bertha  Adu-Koranteng     :Member
4. Emmanuel Boah                : Secretary
5. Emmanuel Marfo               : Member
6. Mrs. Josephine Baffour      : Member
7. Rev. Samuel Cida               : Member

c.Graduates and Students in Project Affected Communities Committee(GASPACC)   

The Network has realized the challenges the mine affected communities encounter in their interactions including the lack of proper community representation and feedback. The Mining Communities seem to be represented  by fragmented groups of representations. There is also divergence of interest between decision makers and interest of the communities. The network therefore formed this committee to deal with the situation and help the communities overcome these challenges.

Other challenges are sustainable development as against private agenda of some individuals and lack of knowledge, negotiation skills on some representatives for the communities, lack of transparency and accountability and equitable distribution.

The formation of the Graduates and Students in Project Affected Communities Committee (GASPACC) will also sensitize opinion leaders in the various Mine affected communities on the impact of mining on the economy, economic and the social life of the people and therefore the need to monitor its revenue for the interest of the communities.

Members of the committee are;
1.  Dauda Hafiz Dabeil                :Chairman
2.  Ebenezer Addo                     :Vice Chairman
3.  Boakye Bofah                        :Secretary
4.  Mubarak Mohammed              :Member
5.  Victoria D. Amoah                  :Member
6. Justice Opoku                         : Member
7. Ibrahim Yussif                         : Member